Our Story

Blue Water Services’ commitment to impeccable quality and customer service began when Beth Hargett and her husband, Peter, moved from Wilson, NC to pursue a business opportunity 15 years ago. She had 24 years of experience in the medical field. Due to her nature and profession, she always had keen observation skills and knew that a clean and orderly environment was essential for productivity.

Unexpectedly one day, Beth was asked to clean a residence and was pleased to help. From that moment on, she knew she wanted to help others coming home from a tiring day to be welcomed in to a clean and fresh home.

In the past 15 years, Blue Water Services has grown into cleaning several residences and vacation properties. Blue Water Services also provides other services such as linen packages, concierge services, observing properties for security/maintenance reasons while home owners are away and much more.

What sets Blue Water services apart?

Blue Water Services is insured and bonded. Each of our employees go through extensive background checks and are properly trained.

An additional aspect of Blue Water Services that sets it apart from competitors is that Blue Water Services is not a franchise. When customers want to book a cleaning, have a special request or a problem, they can call Beth directly. The direct line from clients to her office is something that hasn’t changed in the years she’s been running the business.

Beth says she attributes most of her success to her team. Her company does have notably consistent employees. Of her cleaning staff, many of them have been with the company since the beginning. Customers like getting to know the staff who often work in their homes. Over the years, she has built what she likes to call “the dream team”. They are a hard-working group of women who are also just genuinely wonderful people.

Finding a reliable cleaning service can be a frustrating process but you can rest assured knowing that Blue Water Services will clean your home with the hard work and dedication it deserves!